Stairway Elevator Chairs – The Best Straight Stair Lift Choices

Restore Your Access To Your Whole House!

Maybe your ability to negotiate the stairs to the second floor of your house has been diminished or entirely lost. Maybe you are no longer able to go into the basement, yet you have a lot of fun activities waiting on you there. Are you going to forgo visiting these important parts of your home because of your present disability?

Of course not. And if the idea of leaving your home and finding another, more accessible, gives you hives, then you are in the right place. You do not have to leave your home! You do not have to allow the second floor of your house or the basement to be abandoned!

When the stairs in your house are all straight, a straight stair lift, or multiple straight stair lifts are the solution to regaining your house back, and quickly! Also when you have stairs composed of several straight segments, it may even be less expensive to install several straight stair lifts rather than a single curved stairlift.

As long as you know what you are doing, and as long as you have a plan of action in front of you, it should be easy for you to have a straight chair lift selected and installed in a short period of time. If some of your stairs are curved, then you might be better of searching for a “curved stairlift” manufacturers and distributors.

The straight chair lift technology has become more and more available, more and more computerized, and, yes, less expensive over the past years. So there is no reason why not look into the chair lift now, and make your first step toward regaining access to your entire home.

Let’s look at a few of the most prominent manufacturers of straight stair lifts around the world, and their most successful straight stair lift models. They are Stannah stair lifts, Acorn stair lifts, an Harmar Summit stair lifts. See more straight stair lift examples.

Stannah stair lifts

When you are decided that, in addition to function and safety of your straight stair lift, the luxury and absolutely stunning looks of your stair lift are important to you, then you can not go wrong by purchasing a Stannah stair lift.

Acorn stair lifts

When you want a modern stairlift with all the security trappings, and comforts that make a stairlift a safe, useful, and no-hassle investment, then go with Acorn. A subsidiary of a UK firm, Acorn USA is based in Orlando, Florida and has been the fastest growing stair lift company in the past 20 years.

Harmar Summit stair lifts

The Summit Company that specializes in straight stairlifts has recently been bought up by another US company Harmar. Harmar’s line of business includes also mobility scooter carriers, wheelchair lifts, and other mobility products. The expanded brand of straight stair lifts goes under the combined brand name Harmar Summit. When you are looking for durable, powerful, and versatile straight stair lifts, look no further than Harmar Summit.