Advantages And Disadvantages Of Double Hung Window Replacement

The popularity of double hung windows remained for so many years in the market. These windows feature an upper and lower window sash, which slide vertically past each other in a single casement.  These two parts are not essentially similar and each sash has a solid pane of glass divided into separate lights by built-in muntins or multi-pained sashes for decorative purposes.  They also have a snap-in and removable grids, which create an illusion of separate lights.


  • Double hung windows are durable and generally last long, around 20 to 25 years or longer.
  •  These windows are stylish and available in vinyl and wood casements.
  • Modern double hung windows have insulation for reduced energy consumption, UV protection and tilt-in sashes that allow easy access when cleaning.
  • The structure of this window also allows the owner various ways of arrangement – as a single unit, doubled type or in groups of three or more.
  • In groups of three or more these double hung windows easily fill a large wall space while maintaining ventilation.
  • Installation is fairly quick and allows even an experienced do-it-yourself to do the job; double hung windows installation require less than two days installation.
  • It allows installation of additional features like transoms.
  • They are versatile and used in bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms in the house.
  • Double hung windows have a locking system which secures them from water and heavy winds.
  • It is easy to repair when damaged.
  • And it adds value to your property.


In older windows, the sliding sashes of double hung windows are often hard to seal.  Other problems encountered include upper half of double hung windows sliding down which requires a pair tension retainers for the window.

Because its sashes slide vertically past each other, this type of window is not as air tight as casement or fixed window types.  However, modern technically made double hung windows are more air tight than their older version, hence should not be a major concern for any homeowner.

Double hung windows are available in different materials.   Traditionally, homeowners love and prefer the appearance of wood indoors.   Modern advances allowed the use of other materials like vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum.   Double hung windows also come in different sizes, various designs and differently priced.

How Do They Work?

Prior to installation, consider the following methods which double hung windows operate on:

Spiral Balance Method – Usually involves the use of black or grey twisted tubes, which act as counter weight against the sash that attaches it.  These spiral balances are effective, easy, and cheap to replace.

Jambliner System – Extensively used in Europe and is a plastic insert which is fixed into the timber frame of the window. They are convenient to remove for cleaning and accessed easily from the outside.

Counter Balance System – Makes use of stainless steel wires over bearing roller, which allows one sash to counteract the other.  Double hung windows, which makes use of this system, features an anti-rattle device that perfectly fits onto sashes.

Double hung windows provide numerous benefits and various ways of installation.   With these double hung windows, difficulties encountered with window replacement and home construction is a thing of the past.