A Look At The Process Of Cabinet Refacing

During a kitchen remodel, you will have the option of replacing or refacing your kitchen cabinets. To restore beauty to your kitchen without breaking your budget, you may want to choose kitchen cabinet refacing.

cabinet-replacementWith cabinet refacing, you can achieve a beautiful new style for your kitchen. This procedure involves restoring and repairing the surface of your existing cabinets. Here is a closer look at some factors to consider when you are deciding whether refacing is the right choice for your needs.

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling can be as simple or as extensive as you are willing to make it. Keep in mind that you do not need to give your space an entire overhaul to change its appearance; sometimes a simple cabinet refacing will do. Continue on to take a closer look at the process of cabinet refacing.


You can start your cabinet refacing project by removing the existing doors from their cabinets.

Clean off any grease and debris from the sides and faces, and then sand down each surface.

Now you can glue and nail a plywood panel to the exposed side of the cabinet. Cut your veneer to be wider and longer than each stile and rail by half an inch and two inches, respectively. Now you can align and place the veneers over your stiles.


Once you have aligned and placed your veneers over the cabinet’s stiles, it is important to ensure that they properly adhere to the surface of the cabinet.

Kitchen-renovation Starting from the bottom of one of the stiles, press a wood block against the veneer and work your way upward.

Repeat this process for the other veneer and stile, and then cut down the excess veneer. Now you can apply the veneers to the rails of the cabinet in the same fashion, overlapping the stile veneers at each corner.

Hanging and Hardware

Set your cabinet door in the opening and partially screw the hinges in place; now find the correct position for the door and tighten the screws to secure the door in place. Now all you have to do is create holes for your cabinet hardware and attach your knobs and pulls.

If it is about time to do some cabinet refacing in your home, call your local cabinet refacing installers to provide you with a variety of kitchen and bathroom cost estimates for services including countertop installation and cabinet refinishing.